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Doidge said he plans to do justice to Travolta’s dance moves.

Aussie to section into Travolta’s dance sneakers

A lot of have experimented with applying — and unsuccessful — to imitate the dance go that catapulted John Travolta to huge-stardom.

We have noticed them on the dancefloor: hip-cocked, arm elevated, finger pointing rhythmically to the ceiling, all of them channelling Travolta’s gifted dance king, Tony Manero, from the 1977 conventional Saturday Evening time Fever.

But Euan Doidge, the actor who’ll fill Travolta’s sneakers in the musical adaptation, which premier’s at Sydney’s Lyric Theatre on March 27, intends to do justice to the king’s footsteps.

“I just wanted to get in there and give it a pink incredibly warm go predominantly for the reason that it is these sorts of an famous motion picture,” Doidge instructed The Sunday Telegraph.

Euan Doidge and Melanie Hawkins will play the roles of Tony Manero and Stephanie Mangano made famous by John Travolta and Karen Lynn Gorney in Saturday Night Fever. Picture: Richard Dobson

Euan Doidge and Melanie Hawkins will conduct the roles of Tony Manero and Stephanie Mangano produced perfectly recognized by John Travolta and Karen Lynn Gorney in Saturday Evening time Fever. Photograph: Richard DobsonUseful resource:Info Corp Australia

“You know people are very likely to definitely like it and recognize it purely for that audio and (the) tale that is instructed. I show, when was the earlier existing that arrived to Australia (a) comprehensive on disco?”

Amazing difficulty. Popularised in the 1970s and championed by the Bee Gees, the model beloved stratospheric stage of reputation until finally at last about the mid-1980s, when a new wave of hair metallic, then grunge and dance hits, commenced to purchase in extra of the airwaves.

Its biggest tracks had been staying produced perfectly recognized by the motion picture — Stayin’ Alive and Evening time Fever — and some are yet beloved presently, albeit with a healthful combine of nostalgia and irony.

Doidge said he plans to do justice to Travolta’s dance moves.

Doidge noted he possibilities to do justice to Travolta’s dance moves.Useful resource:Supplied

Doidge’s offsider and incredibly prolonged-time buddy Melanie Hawkins will conduct Stephanie Mangano, the female immediate who associates with 19-calendar yr-out-of-date Tony at the club and, like him, yearns to escape from her running-study course Brooklyn neighbourhood.

“After the auditions the two of us skilled a exceptional feeling about it”, Hawkins noted.

“I can not wait around close to to conduct a woman who is powerful and ballsy but also to dance like that just soon after carrying out so pretty a several musicals is significantly pleasurable,” noted Hawkins.

Doidge noted: “The reliable is unbelievable and totally absolutely everyone gets to glow in what they do biggest.”

The design new era has presently been carried out in Paris and, for Australian audiences, statements just lately-styled choreography, much a lot more tracks, and, of study course, much a lot more dancing.

“It’s undoubtedly a bucket listing existing. It significantly is, it is the ultimate,” Hawkins noted.


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